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About Us

HalleluYah Haven Charitable Auction

The HalleluYah Haven charitable auction is a fundraising entity of the HalleluYah Haven faith-based sustainable living outreach of Yara Ministries, Inc., a Texas and Federal 501(c) private charitable organization.

Our vision is to educate others through a faith-based approach and through sustainable practices, on the life-producing benefits of a practical spiritual experience that promotes true homeostasis and synergy with our Creator, ourselves, one another and our surroundings. 

Since 1993, Yara Ministries (formerly Heart-to-Heart Ministries prior to September, 2008) has labored with passion to help free people in a practical way in both North America and Latin America from the suffering and destruction that results from  living a life apart from the way that our Heavenly Father instructed us to live through his Instructions for Life (His Law).

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Thank you so much for your support, 

The HalleluYah Haven Charitable Auction Team