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Consignments (Selling at our Auction)

If you have items that you would like to find a new home for, we would love to sell them for you at our auction. We have tried to make the consignment process as straightforward, simple and beneficial as possible for those who would like to consign at our sale.

Examples of items that we offer on consignment at our auction are farm and ranch equipment, implements & machinery, heavy equipment, construction equipment and materials, skid steer and equipment attachments, office & household furniture, appliances, equipment and furnishings, vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, off-road vehicles, RV's, electronics, tools, consumer items, hardware items, business and industrial items, real estate and more! In the rare occasion your item does not sell for a price acceptable to you, we charge no consignment fee or lot fees. We pay you the settlement for your item(s) the next business day after the auction  for all your items that sell and are paid for (we require buyers to pay the day of the sale). Additionally, If you would like to buy at the auction you may deduct from your purchases the amount your consignment items sold for, less our consignment fee (outlined below). 

We accept credit and debit card payments from our buyers and that is a big plus when you consign as many buyers like the added convenience of paying by card.

Consignments are accepted daily from the hours of 9:30am to 7:30pm for the 60 days leading up to the sale. We also offer your item(s) to customers (at a price acceptable to you) on an ongoing basis leading up to the day of the sale for those buyers who don't want to wait until the auction to buy.

Our simple consignment fees are as follows (unless a fee reduction special is offered as part of a promotion):

- Items selling for $1.00 to $100.00 (20% of the sold price)

- Items selling for $101.00 to $500.00 (15% of the sold price)

- Items selling for $501.00 and over (10% of the sold price)